Relocating Sensitive Lab and Medical Equipment

9 Tips For Safely Moving Your Lab and Medical Equipment


Relocating sensitive lab and medical equipment and confidential patient records is a complex and highly regulated process. Although legal and safety requirements can vary, Interstate’s logistics teams ensure that all the following factors are covered to safely move your lab and medical equipment in every healthcare facility:

HIPAA Compliance

Ensuring that all electronic and paper records are securely handled, transported, and stored may involve encryption, secure packaging, and controlled access to fully comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines for the protection of patient information. Our highly trained crews ensure HIPAA compliant medical retention.

Inventory and Documentation

Creating a comprehensive inventory of all lab and medical equipment and patient records with labels and documentation ensures nothing is lost during the relocation process.

Transportation Safety

Experienced professional movers will transport your lab and medical equipment safely and securely, packaging fragile or sensitive equipment appropriately to prevent damage.

Training and Security

Every Interstate Logistics team has been trained for more than 80 hours. They are adept at following security and safety protocols for proper handling and chain of custody for patient records as well as sensitive lab and medical equipment.

Emergency Plans

In the event of unexpected complications, Interstate’s team leaders rely on years of experience and contingency plans such as ensuring there is a backup power source for any critical equipment.

Notification and Communication

Interstate Logistics move managers work with the staff and stakeholders to create a move plan and maintain open communications.

Environmental Considerations

If hazardous materials or waste are included in the move plan, our teams will maintain compliance with environmental regulations.

Liability and Protection

In our initial discussions, Interstate Logistics will discuss valuation coverage for the safe relocation of lab and medical equipment and patient records.

Audit and Quality Assurance

In the intricate and highly regulated world of healthcare facility relocation, Interstate Logistics provides safe and secure moves. Our teams have an unwavering commitment to compliance, safety, and precision. From meticulously ensuring HIPAA-compliant medical retention to maintaining a rigorous chain of custody, we leave no room for compromise. Our extensively trained teams understand how to handle sensitive information and equipment. With emergency plans in place, open communication with stakeholders, and a dedication to environmental compliance, we’ve covered every angle.

Our promise of quality assurance means we don’t consider the job done until you are completely satisfied. To plan your healthcare facility relocation, call us at 800.745.6683.

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