Why Fall and Winter Are a Great Time to Move


Although summer may be the most popular moving and relocation season, buying or selling a home and moving during the fall and winter months may be a better alternative. For starters, fall and winter are considered the off-peak season for movers. With the ongoing high demand for homes, it’s an ideal time to move, especially for interstate or international relocations.

Here are four reasons why buying or selling a home and moving during the fall and winter is a smart idea:

Greater Flexibility

Summer becomes the peak season for most moving companies, with about 80% of moves occurring between April and early September. By summer’s end, college students and relocating families have typically settled into their new residences and school districts. Fall and winter moving offers flexibility. You can choose a date that suits you, not just when your mover is available. Moving in October, November, January, February, and March offers more scheduling options.

Ideal Weather

Fall and winter conveniently avoid the summer heat and humidity and, depending on your origin or destination, frigid winter temperatures. If you reside in an area with four distinct seasons, the mild conditions of fall and early/late winter can facilitate a more comfortable move. Additionally, moving during fall and early winter reduces the likelihood of having to contend with inclement winter weather, which can further alleviate the stress of your move.

Lower Prices and More Options

Moving during the fall and winter also means paying less. Because it’s off-peak, your cost to move will be lower. While you’re still wise to get multiple bids before you choose a mover, you’ll generally find more options and lower prices due to lower demand during these seasons. Keep in mind that early September is still a popular moving time for many students and families who are relocating, so you’ll want to begin seeking out estimates then for a move or relocation in October and November.

Home for the Holidays

Moving before mid-November or after early January will help guarantee that you’re home for the holidays, regardless of your location. The holidays offer a prime opportunity for cleaning, packing, or unpacking, depending on when you move. It’s also an ideal time to relocate with children, as most schools have longer breaks during the holiday season.

To Sum It All Up

Moving or relocating to a new home is exciting and requires planning and organization to minimize costs and reduce stress. Plan your move during the fall or winter – when you have more flexibility, the weather is more conducive to moving, costs are lower and there is reduced demand for moving and relocation services.

Plan your move ahead of time and get moving estimates if you plan to hire a professional mover…and know we’re here to help when you need us.

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