Case Study:

How an IT Giant Relocated Secure Data Centers for a U.S. Government Intelligence Agency


US Government Giant Data Relocation: An American multinational company with annual revenue that exceeds $29 billion is intricately involved in the infrastructures that support business and government IT systems. This IT giant is known for advancing how people live and work and turning insights into outcomes. Furthermore, among their clients is a member of the U.S. Government Intelligence Community.

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The Challenge

When a federal intelligence agency asked this IT company to relocate a secure data center, their strategy was clear. Subsequently, the IT company looked to the logistics partner they had trusted for many years – Interstate Logistics. Given the sensitivity of the information housed in the intelligence agency’s data center, there was a pronounced focus on security. Furthermore, because the server racks would be moved with the servers intact, the size and weight of each unit added to the complexity. In addition, both the origin and destination locations were highly secure, resulting in restricting access to one truck on the site at a time and a security clearance for every team member.

The logistics challenge consisted of:

  • Crating 22 server racks with servers in place
  • Transporting secure server racks in crates with tip and shock detectors
  • Maneuvering 2,200-pound server racks that were taller than the doorways
  • Unpacking crates and placing them in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF)
  • Maintaining chain of custody throughout the loading, transport, and unloading process
  • Adapting to security directives in real-time

The Solution

Moving these server racks from one secure site to another required careful planning, clear communication, and logistics expertise. Subsequently, Interstate delivered through:

  • Strategic Planning – Interstate collaborated with agency personnel to identify preparation, loading, unloading, and unpacking details within the allotted timeframe.
  • Risk Mitigation – To ensure the most secure move possible, Interstate worked closely with stakeholders to customize the plan.
  • Experienced, Trustworthy Personnel – The well-trained Interstate team was fully cleared to participate in this highly secure operation.
  • Reliable Vehicles – The well-maintained trucks provided smooth, secure transportation for this highly sensitive load.
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The Approach

Having executed several similar security-sensitive relocation projects, the Interstate team fully embraced the challenge. Additionally, Interstate assembled an experienced team to establish a plan. Moreover, the Interstate team worked with the IT company and agency stakeholders to understand the requirements related to the height, weight, and sensitivity of the IT equipment. Interstate worked with agency personnel to safeguard the data by maintaining a chain of custody. Subsequently, every transport vehicle had a security escort, and each part of the move was fully supervised to ensure compliance with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), DoD 5220.22-M (Sections 5-400, 5-401, 5-408, 5-409, and 5-412, in particular). Finally, the project plan was built and agreed to by the IT company and intelligence agency. The operation consisted of:

  • Crating server racks
  • Applying building protection
  • Loading crates
  • Providing same-day transportation with secure escort
  • Unloading and unpacking crates

The Outcome

Finally, The Interstate team delighted the IT company and intelligence agency team with the flawless execution of a well-conceived plan. The results speak for themselves:

  • The project was executed 100% on time and within budget.
  • Security protocols were adhered to fully.
  • Our team’s expertise proved essential in providing the attention to detail, care, and flexibility needed for a positive outcome.
  • Due to the impeccable execution, the same IT company and intelligence agency contracted Interstate for two similar jobs.

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