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Sustainable Commercial Moving and Storage


In an era where environmental consciousness is more critical than ever, Interstate Logistics recognizes the importance of integrating sustainable commercial moving and storage practices into its operations. Through a variety of initiatives, Interstate Logistics has made an unwavering commitment to sustainability through seamless integrations. 

Operations Efforts: Reducing Environmental Footprint 

Reuse and Recycling of Pallets 

One key initiative is pallet management in moving. This is the systematic reuse and recycling of pallets. Traditionally overlooked, pallets can be a significant source of waste in the moving industry. By implementing a comprehensive pallet management system that focuses on repairing and repurposing pallets wherever possible, Interstate Logistics minimizes waste and extends material lifespan, reducing the demand for new pallets. 

Use of Crates versus Boxes 

Interstate Logistics has adopted a forward-thinking approach by promoting the use of crates instead of traditional cardboard boxes. While cardboard boxes are often discarded after a single use, plastic crates are durable, reusable, and easy to sanitize. Encouraging the use of crates actively reduces commercial packaging waste. 

LED and Sensor Lighting 

The commitment to sustainability extends beyond the physical moving process. Interstate Logistics has invested in energy-efficient LED lighting and sensor technologies throughout its facilities. These LED lighting in logistics systems reduce environmental impact and energy costs. Sensor lighting ensures that energy is only used when and where it is needed for maximum operational efficiency. 

Interstate Logistics’ Sustainability Partners Extend its Impact 

Donation of Excess Office Furniture 

Interstate Logistics doesn’t stop at minimizing its own waste. It works with sustainability partners to actively contribute to community welfare by donating excess office furniture to charitable organizations. This initiative not only diverts usable furniture from landfills but also supports local communities and nonprofit organizations. 

Redistribution of Unused IT Equipment 

In the fast-paced world of technology, IT equipment becomes obsolete at an alarming rate. Rather than disposing of still-functional equipment, Interstate Logistics engages with sustainability partners to responsibly redistribute unused IT equipment, extending its lifespan and reducing electronic waste. 

Certificates of Destruction 

Sensitive data security is a priority for many organizations during relocation and decommissioning projects. Interstate Logistics addresses this concern by collaborating with specialized partners to provide certificates of destruction for documents and materials that require secure disposal. This commitment to data security is not only a testament to professionalism but also ensures that confidential information is handled with the utmost care and responsibility. 

Recycling Efforts 

Interstate Logistics joins sustainability partners in comprehensive recycling programs to manage materials that cannot be reused or repurposed. From paper and plastics to metals and electronics, Interstate Logistics prioritizes responsible recycling practices to minimize the environmental impact of its operations. 

SmartWay Transport Partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 

In a strategic move to reduce its carbon footprint in transportation, Interstate Logistics has joined the SmartWay Transport Partnership, a program led by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). By adhering to the program’s rigorous environmental standards, Interstate Logistics ensures that its fleet of more than 300 vehicles operates with maximum fuel efficiency, minimizing emissions, and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future. 


Interstate Logistics’ dedication to sustainable commercial moving and storage is a shining example of how businesses can integrate environmental responsibility into their core operations. Through innovative practices like pallet management in moving, strategic partnerships, and a genuine commitment to minimizing its environmental footprint, Interstate Logistics is setting new standards in the commercial moving and storage industry. As more businesses follow suit, the collective impact on the environment promises to be significant, proving that sustainability and business success can go hand in hand. 

To learn more about Interstate Logistics’ commercial operations, visit us online or call us at 800.745.6683. 

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