5 Quick Decluttering Tips to Kickstart the Process

Streamlining Your Residential Move

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Are you thinking about moving to a new home? Make the transition smoother and more organized by streamlining your residential move using these declutter and efficient moving tips for a stress-free transition: 

  • Declutter Your Storage Closets – Do you have a collection of items you rarely use hiding behind that closet door? Take some time to rediscover these forgotten belongings. This decluttering tip will help streamline your storage for a more efficient, cost-effective and stress-free move. 
  • Evaluate Your Shoe Collection – Be honest with yourself. Do you truly need all those different pairs? Are they still in style? When was the last time you wore them? It might be time to trim down your collection to assist in streamlining your residential move.
  • Reclaim Your Garage Space – Is your garage so packed with stuff that your car is parked outside? It’s time to decide which items need new homes. Clearing your garage will not only make your move easier but it will also protect your car from the elements. 
  • Revamp Your Holiday Decorations – As you unpack your holiday decorations this season, consider which ones could use an upgrade or which ones have outlasted their usefulness. Keeping only the pieces that you truly love can simplify your move. 
  • Rethink Exercise Equipment – As the weather gets chilly many people consider options for exercise. It’s an ideal time to consider finding a new home for that dusty exercise equipment that’s taking up space. 

Resources for Streamlining Your Residential Move  

When planning your residential move, keep Interstate Moving & Storage, an agent for NorthAmerican Van Lines, in mind. Our family-owned and operated business has been helping people like you make stress-free moves for 80 years. We offer services to help you declutter, pack, move, unpack, and get settled. How can we assist you in ensuring a stress-free move? 

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