Moving Day Tips for a Smooth and Easy Move


Whether you’re moving into your first new home or getting ready downsize after decades in your current home, moving day can be a hectic experience. So when we wanted to learn the tips and tricks that made the moving process more manageable, we turned to the moving professionals – our own move teams!  We extensively train our teams to handle your most prized possessions with care.

Follow these expert tips from our professional moving teams to complete your move as smoothly as possible.

1.    Schedule maintenance for another day

It makes perfect sense that you’d want your internet service connected on your move-in day. However, scheduling contractors to complete work while your movers are going in and out can drastically slow things down.

Mounting TVs restricts mover mobility and safety, while misplaced furniture during move-in leads to extra work later. For an efficient move into your new home, schedule contractors and other maintenance providers for another day to keep the chaos down to a dull roar.

2.    Know where your furniture will go

On a similar note, nothing slows down a move-in more than having to arrange furniture multiple times. While movers are happy to work with you on just the right placement for your sofa, it’s more efficient to know where in the room you want it ahead of time when the movers bring the furniture off of the truck.

Pro Tip: keep move-in day moving along by figuring out your room layouts beforehand.

3.    Provide drinks

It may seem like a small gesture but having cold water or sports drinks available for your movers can go a long way toward ensuring their hydration and keeping their energy up. And a well-hydrated crew moves much faster than a thirsty, tired one!

4.    Ask neighbors to park their cars out of the way

Moving trucks are big and can often take up an entire block. Once a truck is parked and the loading/unloading process begins, it takes a lot of preparation to move it again. Neighbors who are in a hurry to get to work or pick up their kids from school can get boxed into their driveways. Let them know ahead of time that the truck will be there so that they have a chance to make accommodations.

5.    Label what goes and what doesn’t

On move-out day, you’ll have several items in your home that your movers won’t be taking with them (check out the list of what not to pack when moving here). To prevent anything from being mistakenly loaded, clearly mark the items that you don’t want your movers to put onto the truck; better yet, place them in an empty closet and mark the door with a “do not move” sign.

6.    Rest easy

Your furniture and personal items are important to you, particularly your grandfather’s antique rocking chair. You can rest easy on moving day, knowing that Interstate’s extensive training, experienced move teams, and proprietary ULTRAWRAP service all help to keep your possessions protected and secure during your move.

Your movers have the same goals as you do on moving day. They want your move to go smoothly and efficiently, while ensuring that your cherished possessions are managed with the utmost care.

When you’re ready to get started on your next move, we’re ready to help.  Click here to contact us.

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