A Guide to Continued Success

Data Center Post-Move Support


In the aftermath of a complex data center relocation or migration, achieving success pivots on the precision of post-move support. Interstate Technology Logistics is your assurance of flawless execution and sustained client success throughout this critical phase.

This article aims to elucidate essential facets of our expertise in Data Center Post-Move Support, encompassing aspects like Data Center Relocation, meticulous Post-Move Planning, effective Hardware Disposal Strategies, and vigilant Proactive Monitoring for Data Center environments.

By delving into these key elements, we showcase our unwavering commitment to ensuring the continued success of our clients. Trust Interstate Technology Logistics for a seamless transition and comprehensive support in every aspect of your data center operations.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls 

Firstly, plan for Post-Move.

One of the most overlooked tasks is comprehensive system monitoring and testing after a migration. Furthermore, our team ensures a smooth transition beyond the technical aspects by coordinating training, procedure changes, and helpdesk support for smooth adaptation.

Secondly, verify functionality through careful verification, defining “done” for each step.

This approach helps prevent scenarios where crucial details are overlooked, causing delays and disruptions.

Next, plan hardware disposal effectively.

We assist our clients in developing a clear plan for legacy hardware, considering storage costs and potential cost savings through resale as common options. Properly managing hardware after the move is essential to avoid unexpected expenses and ensure efficient use of resources.

Moreover, understand resource limitations and emphasize a well-thought-out resource plan to significantly reduce burnout and ensure success.

After any migration, monitor for issues.

We offer proactive monitoring and support. This approach helps promptly identify and address any emerging issues, guaranteeing a stable environment.

Additionally, simplify whenever possible.

Achieving stability before, during, and after a data center move is essential. Minimize risks by making upgrades and changes only in response to unscheduled outages.

Furthermore, establish baselines to highlight move benefits.

We stress pre-move baseline measurements that showcase cost savings and performance gains and identify post-migration changes.

Prioritize data integrity by verifying first, then de-installing.

This precautionary step helps avoid unnecessary issues when the target site goes live after the move.

Tag assets, whether relocating or decommissioning.

Proper asset tagging ensures a streamlined process. Categorizing and labeling equipment based on updates, replacements, or decommissioning helps adhere to legal and company policies, providing a documented chain of custody.

Follow security protocols from implementation to destruction.

We partner with professional data destruction services, ensuring compliance. Failing to follow data security and destruction protocols can have severe consequences.

Create a strategic communications plan.

We develop multiple communication methods for awareness and engagement. Overestimating the effectiveness of a communication plan can lead to misunderstandings and issues that could have been avoided.

Lastly, establish accountability.

We recognize the necessity of clear leadership throughout the planning and execution phases. A project manager with authority ensures effective communication, coordination, and decision-making, preventing unnecessary downtime and ensuring a successful migration.

Our Commitment to Your Success 

Interstate Technology Logistics provides full-service data center relocation and migration services. Trust us for a smooth transition. Contact us at 800.745.6683.

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