Case Study: Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS)


Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS)

How An Expanding Non-Profit Repurposed Established An Academic Library In The Washington DC Metropolitan Area With Repurposed Assets

Non-Profit Repurposes Academic Library Assets in DC

Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) is a private non-denominational graduate-level seminary headquartered in Dallas, TX. Since its inception in 1924, DTS has expanded to additional campuses, extension centers, and regional locations that serve students all around the world. One of their latest establishments was in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

The Challenge

When tasked with establishing an academic library in the Washington DC area, the seminary leadership’s first challenge was finding space. After securing the basement of an existing community church, they identified the resources required to establish a sizable academic library in this new location.

DTS had an inventory of nearly 25,000 books, of which a small portion was in Virginia and the remainder in California, and library shelving was in North Carolina. This complex operation required the following steps:

  • Removal of 4,500 books from a local Virginia Library
  • Transportation of 19,600 books from California to Virginia
  • Transportation of library shelving from North Carolina to Virginia
  • Assembly of library shelving at the new location
  • Shelving of specified books in order according to the Library of Congress Classification System (LC)
  • Transportation of specified books to Georgia
  • Disposal of specified books
  • Return of unused shelving to North Carolina

The Solution

Getting DTS’s new academic library setup would involve bringing nearly 25,000 books and 12 pallets of shelving to one location. Interstate was well-equipped to manage this major undertaking.

  • Logistics – Coordination of deliveries to ensure smooth delivery of library assets.
  • Communication – Real-time updates prevented delays and boosted efficiency.
  • Expertise – Expert librarians developed a workflow to organize, transport, and place books.
  • Project management – Logistical challenges were quickly addressed and overcome with exceptional agility.
  • Personnel – The large volume of assets was easily managed by well–trained, experienced moving professionals.

The Approach

From the beginning, the INTERSTATE team understood that this project required efficient orchestration of Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS)’ library assets. Working closely together, our library specialist and project leaders managed the collection of local books and the organization of each asset shipment as it arrived.

  • The INTERSTATE project manager assembled a team of 15 professional movers, briefing them on the unique nature of this project. They prepared to receive the books and organize them by call number at the warehouse before transporting them to the new location.
  • While working on assembling the shelves at the new library location, The INTERSTATE team discovered that some of the shelving parts were missing. They quickly identified the parts that were needed, prompting a second shipment soon thereafter.
  • Demonstrating their commitment to delivering on time, the INTERSTATE team grouped the books by classification number to expedite their placement once the remaining shelving arrived.
  • Overall, the consistent real-time communication between the INTERSTATE team lead and DTS staff enabled them to adjust as necessary to ensure the ultimate success of the project.

The Outcome

The Dallas Theological Seminary delighted in the INTERSTATE team’s ability to accommodate changing requirements in this complex project. Some of the specific accomplishments include:

  • The project was completed 100% on time and within budget.
  • The team exhibited exceptional agility while responding to evolving logistical requirements.
  • They executed the library setup according to the architectural plans.
  • Professionals organized the library, enhancing future learning for DTS students.

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