Car Transport Tips for Long Distance Moves


Do you have a nickname for your car? Lots of people do! Unless you live in an area with extensive public transportation, your car likely plays a vital role in your life. Cars: beyond transport, they get you to work, fetch kids, and serve as on-the-go dining rooms. So when you travel long distances or go overseas, of course you want to take your car with you! 

To help smooth that process, we’ve compiled these car transport tips for the best car shipping experience possible.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead for the international car shipping company to collect or for you to drop off your vehicle before departure. Shipping your vehicle can take a significant amount of time depending on where it is going.

Prepare Your Car

Prior to the shipment, give your car a thorough cleaning, inside and out. Remove any personal or valuable items such as portable GPS system or Bluetooth devices. Do not store anything in your car during shipment apart from your registration paperwork, a spare tire and jack as those items should remain in the car at all times. Make a copy of your car key or purchase an additional key fob in case a set is lost during transport. Most companies recommend that the car has 1/4 tank of gas for transporting purposes.

Make Sure You’re Covered & Take Photos

We recommend that you insure your car specifically for long distance or international shipment in case of damage. Though your company will use the utmost care in its delivery, long-distance shipping can be a complex process.

Take photos of your automobile at the drop-off site and be sure to note any existing damage or conditions with your shipping company prior to transport. If something does happen to your car during shipment, these photos will help you and your shipping company during the claims process.

Customs Procedures

When cars are shipped internationally, they will be passed through multiple ports that may have different customs procedures. Information on the customs procedures will be given to you by the international shipping company. These companies typically work with a broker that is able to help shepherd your car through the various customs procedures and confirm that your car arrives safely and on time.

Moving across the country or around the world often means moving larger items, like automobiles. For big moves like moving your car, always contact a reputable, reliable shipping company, like Interstate’s overseas moving specialists & shipping services, for high-level care.

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