Assessing Data Center Infrastructure Before Migration


Embarking on a data center migration journey is a complex undertaking. However, the foundation for success lies in a meticulous infrastructure assessment. The bedrock for success involves a comprehensive infrastructure assessment, including crucial elements like migration rehearsal, preventing downtime, and long-term migration planning. In this article, we navigate you through the essential steps of preparing for a seamless data center migration. In this article, we guide you through the crucial steps of infrastructure assessment before data center migration.

Execute a Comprehensive Infrastructure Assessment

A data center migration should begin with a comprehensive inventory — rack-by-rack and U-by-U. Additionally, this includes physical and virtual devices, network devices, and topography. The more information, the better.

Postpone Upgrades

Because even a fractional upgrade can impact system performance, it is crucial to identify and document all dependencies. It is best to delay any changes until post-migration testing and validation are complete.

Gather Baseline Data

A complete infrastructure assessment documents details about existing workloads, storage, and dependencies. Moreover, planning and executing a move successfully hinges on having accurate and up-to-date information about every asset in the data center.

Rehearse Your Migration

Practice makes perfect. Therefore, avoid unforeseen challenges by simulating your migration beforehand. Whether through software programs or digital twins, rehearsing helps identify potential issues and build migration team confidence.

Monitor Performance

Initially, everything may seem fine, but it is always possible that once the full functionality has been tested, opportunities for further optimization can be revealed. Plan to spend at least 48 hours on proactive monitoring and support to ensure your data center environment remains stable and efficient.

Implement an Annual Maintenance Plan

After the migration, establish an annual plan that includes maintaining quarterly reviews, and addressing ad-hoc infrastructure requirements to sustain success beyond migration.

Prevent Unplanned Downtime

Preventing unplanned downtime requires precise migration planning. Mapping and documenting the existing infrastructure, completing a rehearsal migration, and considering every element help minimize errors and accidents, ensuring a smoother transition.

Engage Data Center Staff

Utilizing the expertise of data center staff is invaluable during a migration. Partnering with data center teams for infrastructure installations and planning ensures a smoother process and reduces stress-related risks.

Safeguard Your Data

Moving data is just as critical as infrastructure considerations. Failing to plan for data movement, including cleansing data and involving business owners, can lead to temporary unavailability or permanent loss of essential data.

Identify Interdependencies

Correctly discovering and associating all upstream and downstream interdependencies is crucial for a successful data center migration. Validating interdependencies with application teams, database teams, infrastructure teams, and network teams helps avoid unplanned downtime and business disruption.

Dedicate Staff

Ensuring that critical roles, including application, database, infrastructure, and network teams, can support the move is essential. Procuring hardware and software vendor support before the move event mitigates potential risks.

Develop a Long-Term Plan

Thinking beyond migration is crucial for long-term success. Regular reviews and planning help adapt to evolving technology, operating requirements, and experiences, ensuring the infrastructure remains aligned with business objectives.

Our Pledge to Your Successful Migration

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