Simplify Your Transition to a "Right-Sized Home"

8 Senior Living Moving Tips

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Simplify Your Transition to a “Right-Sized Home”

At a certain point, keeping up with the care and maintenance of a family home can become more of a burden than a comfort. Downsizing your living space frees you from worrying about upkeep and gives you time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Here are some tried and true tips for downsizing your living space.

#1 Understand This Process Takes Time

Most people have lived in their family homes for decades. Going through everything that has accumulated will be very time-consuming.

#2 The Earlier You Start, The Better

Even if you have no intention of moving soon, taking the time to clear your home of things you do not use will free up space and provide a sense of accomplishment.

#3 Consider The Size of Your New Home

You will need to consider what will fit into your new space comfortably. This is a great time to draft a floor plan and measure your furniture as you decide what will be useful in your new space.

#4 Enlist Help

Get family members, friends, or volunteers to help you tackle a little bit at a time. Getting through one closet or one section of the basement is a good place to begin.

#5 Categorize Your Items

A “giveaway” pile is for possessions that can be given to a friend or relative so that you can still have it in your life without having it in your home. Other common categories are donate, keep, and trash.

#6 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If you don’t have room for that display cabinet full of trophies or collection of figurines, you can preserve the memories they represent by photographing them and displaying the photos.

#7 Help Those in Need

There is never a shortage of people in need. There are many organizations that would greatly appreciate donations of clothing, household items, and furniture. Some will even come and pick it up from your location. Knowing that your items will help others is another benefit of downsizing.

#8 Keep Your Important Documents in a Central Location

As we start going through things that haven’t been touched in years, we are bound to come across important documents. Establish one central location for these items where they will stay safe.

We hope that you benefit from these senior living moving tips. Interstate Moving & Storage is here to help you make the transition to a ‘right-sized’ home easier. Our professional staff have had at least 80 hours of training and can help you pack, move, store, unpack, and dispose of unwanted items. Learn more about our residential moving services or call us today at 800.745.6683 for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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