Rest Easy When Moving

Valuation Coverage

Securing your belongings and assets

At Interstate, we work diligently to pack, move and unload our customers’ belongings with the utmost care. From extensive, hands-on training for our move teams to quality assurance checks on moving day, we treat your belongings as if they were our own. 

We also recognize that sometimes, moving doesn’t go perfectly. To help mitigate the possibility of damage or loss, we offer moving protection with valuation coverage options for your belongings during transit or while in storage.

What is valuation? It’s a type of coverage provided by moving companies as moving protection. It determines the mover’s liability for loss or damage while your belongings are in their hands. In the unlikely event your property is damaged or lost, the mover agrees to pay a specified amount and will only pay on a claim that is directly caused by the mover’s actions.

The level or amount of valuation coverage you decide to purchase for your move is up to you.

Interstate offers two levels of coverage:

Basic Valuation Coverage

This level of coverage is included with your move at no extra charge. It uses a replacement value for damaged or lost items of 60 cents per pound, per item.  Consider this option carefully, as it may be insufficient moving protection to cover higher-end items like expensive electronics. As an example, if your 75-lb., 60” flat-screen TV was damaged during the move, under this level of coverage, you would be reimbursed $45.00 total (i.e., 75 lbs. x $.60/lb. = $45).

Full Replacement Valuation Coverage

Full replacement valuation provides more extensive moving protection for your belongings, valuing your household items at $6.00 per pound.  With the full replacement option, if an article is lost or damaged while in our custody, we’ll repair it, replace it or pay you the cost of the repair or its current market value.

Your Moving Consultant will review in-depth your options for deductibles and help you identify items of extraordinary value (i.e., any item with a value of over $2,000 or worth more than $100 per pound) to ensure they’re covered sufficiently.

Let us know and we’ll make sure you feel comfortable with your coverage.

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Coverage Exclusions

There are limits on what can be covered.  In some cases, simply packing a non-allowed item can void your coverage.  Below are a few situations that could affect your ability to make a claim.

Packing perishable, flammable

or hazardous materials. Check out what not to pack when moving.

Packing your own boxes can lower

your moving expenses; however, it also limits Interstate’s responsibility for possible damage.

Choosing basic valuation coverage

when your personal belongings hold value of more than 60 cents per pound, per article.

Failing to notify Interstate

in writing about items of extraordinary value.

Vehicles are not included

in either level of valuation coverage.

Have questions or concerns? Contact your Move Consultant or Move Coordinator for expert guidance.