Kid-Friendly Unpacking: Making Your New House a Home


You have finally finished the packing process and moved to your new home. However, there is one more step to finish, and this is the one we hate the most. It is the unpacking! And to make it worse, your kids are running around, and you start feeling enormous levels of stress. Don’t worry! Moving to a new house is always challenging for children. However, involving them in the unpacking process can significantly ease the transition and help them feel more at home in their new environment. Read more to learn about kid-friendly unpacking and how movers and packers in Springfield VA can help you during the process.

Preparing for the Move

Children have a hard time accepting new changes. That is why you should talk, talk, and talk. Start by discussing the move with your children well in advance. This gives them time to process the change and ask questions. Explain to them that moving to a new place is an exciting adventure where they will meet new friends, learn new games, and visit beautiful places. If you have older children, give them time to say goodbye to friends and teachers. Assign age-appropriate tasks during the packing phase to make them feel involved and valued, such as packing their toys, and arranging books. Remember, cutting them off will only increase the feelings of isolation and loneliness.

A family talking with the moving company representative about kid-friendly unpacking
Involve your children in the moving process by explaining it to them, helping them feel included.

Arriving at the New House

Take some time to explore the new house together upon arrival. While residential movers in Virginia are unloading your boxes, take a tour of the new house with your kids. Encourage them to choose their rooms and identify their favorite spots. Maybe that little corner is perfect for placing a sandbox? And that old tire can be transformed into a cute swing? This helps them feel a sense of ownership and control over their new environment.

Another thing you can do is create a cozy corner in the living area with items from the old home that are familiar. Bring old furniture, toys, curtains, carpets, and other items children are emotionally attached to. Set up their rooms first, so your kids can feel important, but also spend time in a familiar place while you do other things.

Kid-Friendly Unpacking Strategies

Did you hire long distance movers in Virginia to deal with your moving tasks? Great! Now you can let them do their jobs and focus on developing strategies for engaging your kids in the process. Here are some things you can do:

  • Focus on the essentials: Unpack daily necessities first, such as bedding, toiletries, and clothing. Ensure their favorite toys and books are easily accessible to provide comfort during the transition.
  • Make unpacking fun: Turn unpacking into a game by introducing rewards and challenges. Get creative with activities like drawing or decorating boxes to make the process enjoyable for the kids.
  • Room-by-room unpacking: Involve kids in setting up their own rooms, allowing them to make decisions on room arrangement and decor. This empowers them and fosters a sense of belonging.
  • Unpacking party: Turn unpacking into a fun event by hosting an unpacking party. Invite friends or family over to help unpack while enjoying snacks and music. This can make the process feel less overwhelming and more like a celebration.
  • Keep them occupied: After they finish unpacking, let them do something fun to keep them entertained. If you have a garden, let them play outside, or ask them to help you out with the kitchen or bathroom. Just make sure they don’t cause problems you will have to deal with later.
Multiethnic family moving in new home
If you use kid-friendly unpacking strategies, your kids will have fun during the moving process.

Creating a Sense of Belonging

Let’s be honest, no one likes to live in a place that is not truly theirs. That is why we should try to make our space as personal as possible. Encourage kids to decorate their rooms with posters, photos, and artwork that reflect their personality. Set up a display area for their achievements and crafts to showcase their individuality. Moreover, introduce new daily routines and traditions in the new home to create a sense of familiarity and security, but don’t discard old habits completely right away. Set up a family calendar with events and activities to help kids adjust to their new schedule. Last but not least, listen to your kids! Don’t try to force your own will and ideas. If your kids don’t like that blue carpet, it is perfectly fine to opt for another one.

Engaging Kids in Home Setup

Kids’ imagination goes beyond setting up their room only. Therefore, let kids choose their favorite snacks and help organize the pantry. Involve them in setting up a family-friendly dining area where everyone can gather for meals and conversation. Create a shared space for family activities and play, incorporating their input on furniture arrangement and decor. Set up a dedicated play area where kids can unleash their creativity and imagination.

If your new home has a garden or yard, don’t stay inside with kids! After all, you have already hired local movers in VA to deal with tasks in the house. Explore and set up outdoor areas for play and relaxation, such as a backyard garden or a play structure. Plan kid-friendly activities like gardening or setting up a swing to encourage outdoor exploration and bonding.

a woman playing with her kid
Allow your children to participate in setting up their rooms.

Interesting Games You Can Play with Kids When Unpacking

Have you decided to turn the entire process into a game? Here are some interesting activities you can play with kids during unpacking.

Storytime Breaks

Take breaks during unpacking to read stories or have storytelling sessions with your kids. This not only provides a break from the unpacking but also creates cozy bonding moments amid a busy day.

Treasure Hunt

Hide small treasures or treats in boxes for your kids to discover as they unpack. This adds an element of excitement and surprise to the process, keeping them engaged and motivated to continue unpacking.

Decorate Moving Boxes

Let your kids decorate their moving boxes with stickers, markers, or paint. This will personalize their belongings, make it easier for them to identify which boxes belong to them, and add a creative touch to the moving process.

Build Forts

Use moving boxes and blankets to build forts or playhouses in the new home. This gives kids a designated space to play and unwind amidst the chaos of unpacking, allowing them to feel more at ease in their new environment.

Virtual Tours

If possible, use technology to give your kids virtual tours of the new home before moving day. This can help them become familiar with the layout and features of the house, reducing anxiety on moving day and making the unpacking process more exciting.

Memory Box

Create a special memory box where your kids can keep mementos from the move, such as ticket stubs, photos, or souvenirs. Encourage them to add to the box throughout the unpacking process, preserving memories of their transition to the new home.

Turn Unpacking with Kids into a Real Adventure!

With these kid-friendly unpacking strategies, you can involve kids in the unpacking process and make it enjoyable. Moreover, you can help them feel more connected to their new home. Embrace their creativity and input and remember to celebrate each milestone together as a family. Together, you can turn the transition into an exciting adventure filled with memories to cherish for years to come.

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