3 Ways Global Mobility Can Help Attract Talent


Despite concerns about the state of the economy, job growth continued in the U.S. in May. In fact, the U.S. economy added 272,000 jobs in May, far more than expected, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There were more indicators of job growth, as the labor force participation rate for prime working-age individuals rose to 83.6%, the highest since 2022. Though the unemployment rate rose to 4%, that rise can be attributed to new entrants and re-entrants to the labor force, particularly among workers aged 24 and under (raising the unemployment rate denominator).

In other words, it’s a banner moment for hiring talent. But how can your organization stand out when everyone is hiring? Having a global mobility program can play a crucial role in attracting top talent by offering unique opportunities and experiences that can appeal to prospective employees. Global mobility can help attract talent by providing distinctive career advancement opportunities, cultural exposure, and competitive compensation.

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Global mobility programs provide unique opportunities for career growth and cultural exposure.

How Global Mobility Can Help Attract Talent in a Competitive Job Market

Below you will find three ways global mobility can lead to an expanded pool of talent:

1. Career Advancement and Development Opportunities

Global mobility programs provide individuals with opportunities for career advancement and professional development that may not be available locally. Promising candidates are often attracted to organizations that offer avenues for international assignments and exposure to diverse work environments. The prospect of gaining new skills, expanding their network, and broadening their horizons is a particularly compelling incentive for young, ambitious candidates.

2. Cultural Exposure and Personal Growth

Certain professionals are drawn to roles that offer the chance to live and work in different regions…even different countries. Global mobility allows individuals to immerse themselves in new cultures, languages, and ways of working. Living and working in such an unfamiliar environment can spur personal growth and enrichment. With a strong global mobility framework, you can provide a motivator for candidates seeking adventure, cultural exchange, and a sense of global citizenship.

3. Competitive Compensation and Benefits Packages

Organizations with robust global mobility programs often offer competitive compensation and benefits packages tailored to support employees during international assignments or relocations. This may include allowances for housing, transportation, healthcare, and tax assistance, among other perks. The promise of comprehensive support and financial incentives can make roles with global mobility opportunities more attractive to top talent, especially those with aspirations for international experience.

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Global mobility can help attract talent by providing unique career development opportunities.

Overcoming Challenges in Global Mobility Programs

It can be difficult to coordinate these various benefits on behalf of your relocating employee, especially if you work for a smaller organization without much experience in global mobility. That is why is often pays to hire a relocation management company (RMC) like Interstate Relocation. Experienced corporate and government relocation professionals can manage your talent mobility strategy, saving you a great deal of time and hassle while ensuring the relocation runs smoothly.

Of course, relocation isn’t for every employee. According to the Atlas Corporate Relocation Survey 2024, 64% of companies reported that an employee declined the opportunity to relocate. This is also true of perspective employees, who may refuse a relocation opportunity for any number of reasons. However, by leveraging the aspects that appeal to certain candidates, organizations can use global mobility as a strategic tool for attracting talent, showcasing their commitment to employee development, cultural diversity, and global opportunities.

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